Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bargain Buys!

Hello ;D

I have just been on a search around the internet for some bargain buys!
Here are some I have found, (some are in the sale so be quick to Snap them up!)

This Gorgeous one shoulder dress is from (one of my favourite sites) and is reduced from £38.00 to £12.00!! It also comes in pink. Its bound to be popular at that price so buy it quick! 

These Funky pumps are just 5.00 from River island, They are also in the sale so buy soon!

This stunning dress is only 22.00 from George at asda, would look great at a party or even a prom!

This Pretty top has amazing neckline detail and would look amazing on a night out or during the day, its only 18.00 from!

Like any of the items? Comment on which you like the most and which you think is best value! 
Thanks for reading! ;D xx

Saturday, 16 October 2010

L'oreal true match roll on foundation

This foundation seems like a great idea, but I have heard mixed opinions about it. People have said you are just paying for the roller and the foundation is average but others have said it is fanstastic, so wondering what you all think? Have you tried it? To me it seemed like quite alot of money at £13 but it might be good.

My favourite foundation is dream matte mousee and i dont think i could live without it! I use it everyday and at just £7.99 I can afford to as well!


I'm had been very excited reciently as h&m  have just released their online store and its great, however i don't think they have everything on their website as there didnt seem to be much to choose from.

The pictures are great quality and really show off the clothes and I was really suprised but happy to see Chanel Iman Modelling for them, as its good to see famous models modelling for high street stores as well as designers.

Thanks for reading,
 Byee xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

So I just found out about the amazing new collection for H&M by Lanvin, which I am super excited about and comes out on the 24th November! The images from the collection with be avalable to view from the 2nd November!
^^click on that link for a video of Lanvin announcing the collection himself. ^^

Also you guys told me that you "Drool" the Dolce&Gabbana dress that Miley Cyrus was wearing in a picture in my first post and I agree with you! The Length was all wrong and the neck was Horrible! 
So Here is the next drool or cool outfit:
This eye-catching dress worn by Pink is by Vivienne Westwood.

                                                                Comment Drool or Cool!

The Smokey eye effect eye shadow is everywhere and I have seen the add for The Smoky Shadow Blast Stick and I was just wondering if anybody has tried it out? I think the smoky eye looks amazing and I was thinking I might try this stick out!

Sunday, 5 September 2010


I searched for a while around boots for the cheapest mascara I could find, and ended up buying- Collection 2000's Big fake Lashes (4.99) and I tried it out as soon as I got home. My first reaction was when i took out the brush and saw the size, (its big!) I was thinking how can I use this on my eyelashes without getting it all over my face and I managed to, just about, with a little help from a  make up wipe and it did work, and looked great, however I did have to do a few layers. Worked fantastically and put extra volume and thickness in my lashes!
So if you are looking for a cheap mascara- I recommend this one.

On the other hand if you are looking for a good top end market mascara, I recommend the extra volume collagene from l'oreal. I got the double pack when I was on a BMI baby aeroplane and which was 18.99 and when i tried it out it gave fantastic length and volume in one layer and no clumps.Also this mascara is very easy to apply without making a mess on your face so is good if you are in a rush or need a easy applicator.

I recommend this highly if you are looking to buy a quite expensive but good mascara.

One I don't recommend buying is Miss Sporty Fabulous lash which is only 2.99 but doesn't do the job so don't be fooled by the price. This Mascara does make your lashes slightly longer, however gives lots of clumps and does not make eyelashes much thicker.

If you guys have any good or bad mascara recommendations,, comment!!


Hellooooo.. :))

Hey Bloggerss (and readers)

This is my new fashion blog! I hope you like readin my posts and keep checkin me outt!!

First I want to tell you all about an AMAZING website i found on the internet that i think every one should use as it is such a cool ideaa! is a website where you can list old clothes that you don't want any more and swap with people who do want you clothes and you can get some call new ones!  I've only been  using it for 2 days and i'm already addicted!

Also what i would like to do on my blog is something called cool or drool,, I will put a picture of a designer outfit and you have to tell me if you think its Cool or Drool!

So Here is the First:

This unusual style dress worn by Miley Cyrus is by Dolce and Gabanna.

Tell me what you think!

Thanks for readingg