Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fashion Felines Givaway!

Hey, i just discovered  this fab blog, and just thought i'd ,let you all know about her givaway! 

Lovely Helen the writer of Fashion Felines has collected up a load of stuff to givaway to one lucky follower! 

go to her blog at this address to enter!

Love and kisses,
Lydia x x 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

2KX- the new fashion line by JLS and Alexandra Burke!

Lots of you may have heard about 2KX clothing by Alexandra and JLS!
Just check out this pic advertising their under wear!

I'm sure this will be very popular, especially with JLS and alexandra fans, and Alex is know for her great style, but do you think it will be popular with other people, i'm not sure. They havent yet released any items avalable for sale but promotion has already started. 


Comments pleaaaaase!! x x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Just thought i'd let you know i finnnnnnnaly got an Elle Magazine subscription for christmas!

I've had 2 issue's so far

I loved reading her interview she is such an inpiration, and she is so strong to have got through everything that happened to her in 2010.

and i got this one yesterday-

Kiera Knightly, its great to see her modelling for Tom Fords first fashion line for 6 years! She's so beautiful and she deserves it! 

Do any of you read elle? I love it! x x 

Which one?!

Heya guys!
I've got a party soon and i don't know what dress to buy! Help me decide

 from Click here to see the dress
its only 26.99.

Do you think i should pay more for the rare one which is most likely better quality and which one do you prefer?,,

Thanks girlies! x