Saturday, 16 October 2010

L'oreal true match roll on foundation

This foundation seems like a great idea, but I have heard mixed opinions about it. People have said you are just paying for the roller and the foundation is average but others have said it is fanstastic, so wondering what you all think? Have you tried it? To me it seemed like quite alot of money at £13 but it might be good.

My favourite foundation is dream matte mousee and i dont think i could live without it! I use it everyday and at just £7.99 I can afford to as well!


I'm had been very excited reciently as h&m  have just released their online store and its great, however i don't think they have everything on their website as there didnt seem to be much to choose from.

The pictures are great quality and really show off the clothes and I was really suprised but happy to see Chanel Iman Modelling for them, as its good to see famous models modelling for high street stores as well as designers.

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